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In the REadycation project we provide physiotherapy to babies from 5 months to children who have reached the age of 18. The younger they are, the better we can take preventive action and prevent worsening of their physical condition. Most children who come for physiotherapy have Cerebral Palsy, but there are also cases of hydro- and microcephalus, motor impairment caused by the Rubella Virus etc. Every child is different and requires its own approach. This individual approach is processed in individual plans and these are evaluated every half year.


Besides rehabilitation, we also have an education department. The Education program LombokCare consists of 2 parts.

Since December 2013 we are officially recognized by the local government as SLB Pelangi LombokCare (special education school). This SLB runs the education program in the morning for young children who have had no form of education experience because they often are not accepted on a regular play group or school due to their disability. Our goal for these children is to create a bridge so that they will be prepared for further education. Learning to play together, recognizing and understanding of basic emotions and practicing the gross and fine motor skills are the main targets besides the acedemic part of learning. 

The afternoon classes are mainly for children with a physical or multiple disability who already go to a 



regular or special school, but still can not keep up with the level of the regular class. The afternoon program is aimed to, besides giving them gross and fine motor exercises, empower them and teach them some life skills which they can use in the near future. It is common, especially in regular primary schools, that these children are bullied because they are different from all the other children in their class. Wherefor defensability and assertiveness is a very important concern for the afternoon classes.

Social work

In addition to the Rehabilitation and Education Department we have a Social Work Department, which is bridging all involved parties. Every week there is a meeting between the three departments to discuss the children (and their targets). If there are problems, the social work department will than contact the parents or caretakers. Also, the social work department responsible for the six-monthly home visits, in which issues at home also receive special attention.

REadycation herein encourages the active role of parents. Our physiotherapists and class tutors work closely with the parents by giving the parents physical exercises or behaviour therapy to do at home. Not only to achieve a faster development of their child but also for the enhancement of knowledge of the parents regarding to the possibilities and the limitations of their child. The home environment is plays a central role!

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